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Having a party

at your home or office ?

I can host a beer tasting class at your home or work.

15 mile radius of

Ormond Beach FLA

                                          What You Will Learn at the Tasting

A   The 4 main categories that are used to judge a beer,  and how to use these categories for a better beer tasting experience.

          1  Appearance  (or color & clarity)      2  Aroma  (or in beer talk, The Nose)
          3  Mouthfeel                                        4  Taste or Flavor
B   Why is it important to cleanse your palette in between different beers, and what makes the best
palette cleanser.

C   We’ll go over the various styles of beer that you will be tasting, and what  makes them

taste the way they do.   There will be 5-6 different styles of beer that we’ll taste.

D   You’ll have your own custom note sheet to take notes on the beers you’ll be having,  and you can take them home with you for future reference.

E    And along the way, you’ll learn a little bit about the brewing process. 
You might even taste a beer you like, and you can take your note sheets to the nearest beer store and pick up a 6 pack.


Everything needed to have a wonderful and successful beer tasting class is provided

by the tasting host.

Beer, cups, score sheets, note sheets, pens, palette cleansers, plates, napkins,

bottled waters, cleaning supplies for spills and after tasting clean up,

informational handouts, survey sheets for after tasting, and more.

Total time for the class AND the actual tasting is approx.    1-2 hours.

I will come to your home or office beforehand,

to go over details and arrangements, and collect payment.

It’s an event filled with fun and learning.
Great for small companies wanting something different in an office party.
Perfect for someone’s birthday party.

Contact me, and let’s set something up.      email –
Put “Beer Tasting” in the heading
Or go to our “contact us” page and send us a message.


Please read the prerequisites carefully.

Due to the nature and methods used to have a SUCCESSFUL beer tasting class, the following MUST be adhered to.

1.  Must be in a 15 mile radius of Ormond Beach FLA
2.  15 $ per person for 17 - 20 people

     20 $ per person for 10 - 16 people
     Minimum 10 people,   Maximum 20 people .... sorry, no exceptions.
     PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE, in order to acquire the beer in a timely manner.

3.  Date and time must be set well in advance, in order to facilitate the event.    Host will arrive         early for set up.
     Homes – Mon thru Thurs - late afternoon,  early evening.      

                     Saturday - afternoon,  early evening.

                     Sunday – early afternoon.
     Office parties – Mon thru Thurs - early afternoon,  early evening. 

                                Saturday - afternoon.

     There is some flexibility for Fridays,  let's talk.
4.  YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE SEATING  - (tables and chairs WILL be needed)
5.  Room needs to be big enough to accommodate the number of people present, in a safe

     and uncrowded manner.
     Due to most furniture layouts, a Standard size living room will NOT work.
     A large backyard patio or 2 car garage will work. Or your work conference room, if you're             having an office party.

6.  You MUST agree:  NO alcohol will be given to , or sold to , or served to , or served by ,

     or handled by  in any way shape or form ,  or drunk by   under aged minors.   
     MUST be 21 or over to attend and/or participate in the session ……. NO EXCEPTIONS


Use our contact page to send an email to us,

and we'll get back to you in just a short time.

Put "beer tasting" in the title.

You can also email me at   

Put "beer tasting" in the title.

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