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     Ormond Beach

Beer Tasting Society

Beer Tasting Society
Office person

The O.B.B.T.S. does 1 or 2 tastings per month,

so look for new additions about every 2 weeks.

3 Daughters Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter
3 Daughters Oktoberfest
3 Mavins Lager
4 Sixes Grit and Glory Amber Lager
6th Sign Sour Ale
72 Pale Ale
8th Sign Peach Mint Sour Ale
Abita Christmas Ale
Abita Fluffer Nutter
Affogato Ice Cream Pastry Stout
And. Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout
Angry Chair Imp. Grmn. Choc. Cupcake
Angry Chair Infinite Dunks
Annoying Orange Sour
Apple Cider Doughnuts
Auger Porter
Augustiner Brau Munchen
Ayinger Altbairish Dunkel
Baby Leprechauns IPA
Battery Steele Godlen Path Lager
Beach Hippie IPA
Beeracuda Lager
Beignet au Lait Imp. Blonde
Bent Water G.O.A.T. Lager
Bitburger 0.0  N/A
Blackberry Ballad Sour Ale
Blackberry Crumble Imp. Brown Ale
Blue Moon Light Sky
Bootlegger Imp. Stout
Boulevard Chocolate Ale
Boulevard Cranberry Tank 7
Bravus Oatmeal Dark N/A
Breakfast Smiggles Weisse
Brewa Bunga Imp. Golden Stout
Brooklyn Sledder's Choice Winter IPA
Bushwood Beer Caddyshack
Capt. Lawrence Classic Lager
Capt. Lawrence Orange Crusher
Capt. Lawrence Prime Temps
Capt. Lawrence Summer Anthem
Cascadian Black IPA
Casserole Spice Dbl. Brown Ale
Celebrator Doppelbock
Chimay Peres Trappistes
Choc. Manifesto Choc. Milk Stout
Chomp Hazy IPA
Cigar City Florida Man Double IPA
Citrus Grove Tang. & Orange Blonde Ale
Colossal Claude Imp. IPA
Copper Legend Oktoberfest
Cosmic Crown Belgian Strong Ale
Cougar Bait Am. Blonde Ale
Country Boy Key Lime Ale
Crazy Stallion Classic Lager
Crunkle Sam Barleywine Ale
Cultar de Oro Honey Smoked Ale
D-9 Brown Sugar Brown Cow
D-9 Swell Rider Tangerine Session
Dark No Mames Mexican Lager
Dark Star Imp. Stout
Day Donkey Pale Ale
De Ranke Oere Noel
Deja Moo Peanut Butter Milk Stout
Destihl Oktoberfest Marzen
Destihl Peach Wheat
Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale
Dive Buddy Hazy IPA
Dragon's Milk 2022 Reserve
Dreamstate Stargazing NEIPA
Dry Cnty. Blkbry Raspbry Sour
Eibauer Sonderklause German Lager  (Germany)
Electric Pegasus Sour Ale
Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin
Epic Imp. Pumpkin Porter
Equalibrium Mobius Porter
Erdinger Oktoberfest
Esspresso Martini Imp. White Stout
Euphoria Now Sour Ale
Even Mo Tears Imp Fruited Wit

Everything Naughty White Choc. Imp. Blonde
Everywhere & Nowhere Imp. Stout
Faubourg Premium Lager
First Magnitude Learning to Rye IPA
First Magnitude Night Life Black IPA
First Magnitude Sweater Weather Harvest Spice Amber
First Magnitude Won't Back Down Helles Bock
Flatulent Flamingo Triple IPA
Founders Cranfather
Founders KBS Stout
Framboise Rose Gose
French Toast Bastard
Fusion Smiggles Weisse Bier
Gadget Raspbry. Blackbry Tart
Gotta Get Up 2 Get Down Coffee Milk Stout
Graffiti Hazy IPA
Grateful Head Laidback Lager
Great Bluebs Bluberry Wheat
Great Punkin Spice Imp. Brown Ale
Hairless Dog Black Ale N/A
Heavy Seas Oktoberfest
Heinekin Silver
Hell Raiser Dark Amber N/A
High Road Pale Ale
High Stepper IPA
Hobgoblin Ruby Beer
Home Town Sour Ale
Honey Bee Citrus Blonde Ale
Hop Tarts Pineapple Shake IPA
Illuninated Trust Lager
It's a Beaut Pecan Toffee Stout
Jersey Juice IPA
Joker's Wit Double Witbier
Jolly Pumpkin Oro Gold Ale
Juicy Ass IPA
Kennesaw Bourbon Ale
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter
King Fox Gold Lager
King Fox The Hefeweizen
Komes Baltic Porter
Lagunitas Island Beats IPA
Lakefront Pumpkin Lager
Lavender Lemonade Berliner
Lawnchair Beach Day IPA
Lechuza Lime Mexican Lager
Left Hand Candy Cane Nitro Imp Peprmint Milk Stout
Left Hand Dry Irish Stout Nitro
Left Hand Good & Gone
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro
Left Hand Pump. Spice Latte
Lion Stout
Lord Chesterfield Ale
Luna Lager
Magtoberfest Marzen
Manhattan Shine Brbn Brl. Amber Ale
Mayan Mocha Stout
Millford Dirty Blonde Ale
Mind over Matter Dbl. Choc Milk Pump Spice
Minnow Dbl. Choc. Brbon Brl. Imp. Stout
Minnow Imperial Stout
Minted Holiday Imp. Stout
Morning Glow Vanilla Coffee Blonde
Mr. Mingo Farmhouse Ale
Mukona Doppelbock Lager
Munich Lager
Narwhal Imperial Stout
New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin
New Holland Dragon's Milk Reserve
No Green Beer NEIPA
Odd Side Stout Pumpkin
Oddside Oddtoberfest Marzen
Old Rasputin Imp. Stout
Once Bitten Twice Chai Amber
One Claw Ryle Pale Ale
Origin of Darkness Imp. Stout
Ormond Cherry Lime Sour
Ormond Gingerbread Red Ale
Ormond Honey Cream Ale

Ormond Margarita Gose
Ormond Tr-Hop-ical IPA
Ormond Vanilla Ice
Palm Sway IPA
Pastry Archy Super Freak
Persimmon Hollow Blood Orange Wheat
Petrus Aged Foeder Beer
Pick and Roll Hazy Pale Ale
Powder Day IPA
Prison Pals Amber Lager
Prohibition Party Lager
Pseudo Sue Pale Ale
Pumpkin Party Pumpkin Ale
Purple Mane Pale Ale
Push It Gose
Rainbow Smiggles Candy Sour Ale
Rainbows Are Real Hazy IPA
Ravenous Pig Red Drum Amber Ale
Red Bug Red Ale
Red Eclipse Brbn Brl Vanilla Stout
Reign Imperial Stout
Ride Share Triple IPA
Sam Adams Alpine Lager
Sam Adams Cold Snap White Ale
Sam Adams Flannel Fest Dunkel
Sam Adams Golden Pilsner
Sam Adams Hoppy Lager
Sam Adams Jack-O Pumpkin
Same Day Delivery IPA
Samuel Smith's Imp. Stout
Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale
Sauer Peach Berliner Weisse
Serenity Choc. Covered Cherry Sour Ale
Shadow Child Pastry Stout
Shiner Orale Mexican Style Lager
Shotgun Wedding Brown Ale
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest
Snail Pale Ale
Snow on the Maple Tree Imp. Stout
So. Tier Caramel Imp. Pumking
So. Tier P-Butter Cup Imp. Stout
Southern Tier Crème Brulee
Southern Tier French Toast
Southern Tier Hazelnut Delux Imp. Stout
Southern Tier Old Man Winter
Southern Tier Vanilla Scoop
Spicy Pickle Monster Sour
Starkey Strawbry Blonde Ale
Stars on the Ceiling Bluebry Ale
Steve Austins Broken Skull IPA
Stugel Flugel IPA
Sullivan's Irish Gold Golden Ale
Summerfest Summer Lager
Sun Bump Belgian Style Wit
Sunny Key Lime Wheat Ale
Swamp Head Barnacle German Style Bock
Swamp Head Oktoberfest
Sweet Baby Swirl Choc. P-Butter White
Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout
Taj Mahal Premium Lager
Tates Helles
The Carver Pumpkin Ale
Theater of Madness Pumpkin Lager
Theoretical Jam
Tomahawk Red Ale
Toppling Goliath Rover Truck Oatmeal Stout
Trappistes Rochefort
Trillions Sour Ale
Tripping Animals Crispy 5 Years
Unseen Creatures American Lager
Upslope Blkbry Lemon Sour Ale
Urban South Fluffy Mango Ale
Velvet Voodoo Dark Lager
Victory Tastycake Koffee Kake Ale
Voo Doo Ranger Juice IPA
Warlock Imp. Pumpkin Stout
Weihenstephaner Pilsner
Weihenstephaner Premium
Wicked Weed Milk & Cookies Imp Stout
Winsom Lose Some Witbier
Winter Carnival White Ale

drinking beer

     Fun Facts About Beer     

     According to legend, barrel-aged beers were created by accident when a whisky distillery tried to create a whisky finished with ale flavors.

     Ancient Egyptian texts have been found that contain over 100 medicinal uses for beer.

     Vikings believed that when they died, a giant goat would be waiting for them. Of course, this goat’s udders had an unending supply of beer.

      Storing bottled beer upright minimizes oxidation and contamination from the cap.

     “Hangover” in Norwegian is directly translated to “carpenters in the head”.
     The term “rule of thumb” originates from brewers who would stick their thumb into the mix to see when the temperature was right for adding the yeast.


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