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Beer Tasting Society

Founded in mid 2020, the O.B.B.T.S. is a group of dedicated beer tasters.

Our mission is to taste as many different beers as we can find.

Since inception, we have tasted 872 different beers ....                    (and counting) 

Beer Tasting Society
Beer Tasting Society

Welcome to our site.

Here you can find out a little ABOUT our beginnings. On that page you can listen to the OBBTS theme song.

Or maybe you'd like to see what beers we RECOMMEND.

We also have a complete BEER LIST of every beer we've tried, and we're regularly adding ADDITIONS and NEW ADDITIONS to our ever growing list.

CONTACT US, and let us know what's on your mind.

ALSO .... on our CONTACT page are some links to some very nice beer related sites.

Be sure to check them out. 

Brush up on your beer trivia with the "Fun Facts About Beer" sections on all of our website pages.

You can even listen to a song about beer, written by one of our members and his long-time friend. (also a beer taster)

So relax, pour a glass of your favorite brew, and enjoy browsing our website.

Thanks for stopping by.    Prost !!!

Barstool Boogie
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The Presidential Wall of Beer

Click on the image to see better detail.

beer wall.jpg

Check out the list of flavorings and adjuncts that have been added to beer over the years. Can you think of one that's NOT on the list ?

Are you serving your beer at the right temperature ?  Click here and find out.

Beer Tasting Society

Having a party at your home or office ?

Why not schedule a beer tasting class for fun and learning.

Click here to find out more details. 

Must be within a 15 mile

radius of our location

Ever wondered why there are

so many different styles of beer glasses ?


Click here.

Different Beer Glasses

Some of the members holding

a tasting at a local Brewpub.

Tasting Off-Site

Click on the image to see better detail.

     Fun Facts About Beer

     Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass.  Make sure you keep a well-stocked fridge.
     In ancient Egypt, workers living in Giza often received rations of beer three times a day as payment.
     The United States is the second largest hop producer in the world (behind Germany).

     Frosty glasses will cause your beer to foam.

     Hops are poisonous to pets so keep a sharp eye on your pellets if you’re homebrewing.

The Ormond Beach Beer Tasting Society

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